Hello.  My name is Anne, a professional freelance technical copywriter. Too formal right? 

My life, to be honest, is really not that interesting. So, if you’re here looking for some entertainment, I apologize ahead of time.  I was raised in Syracuse, NY and you guessed it. I still live here!

For as long as I could remember I loved writing. Even when I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, the only part of college I missed was writing.  About two years ago, I started writing on popular online platforms recreationally and I gained a substantial number of readers by doing so. The positive comments about how my work had brought value to my reader’s lives, prompted me to provide written content for businesses. 

As a maven copywriter, I have taken my desire to gain further knowledge within an industry and use it to address the concerns and needs of consumers.  My fresh and creative writing style resonates with the most novice of readers.  Let’s face it.  We are in an age where commercials and basic advertising is just not enough to gain a sale.  When a new product or service hits the market, everyone wants to read the reviews and get their questions answered before making a purchase.  Bridging this gap between consumers and business is important more than ever before.  The results are shown with a swift and sustainable return on investment.

Blogs with search engine optimizing help to draw in new clients to build brand rapport within the industry.  Email campaigns help to stay in front of your valuable customers on a regular basis. Fresh and new website designs will hold your customer’s interest and keep them coming back.  Reports and eBooks provide customers with valuable knowledge on products and that will solidify their choice when purchasing your product.