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May the force be with you.”-Star Wars 1977

The movie theater is one of the most popular places for friends and couples to get together and have a great time. And, depending on the movie you chose, it can help to get your mind off the day and relieve stress. With this concept in mind, manufacturers are trying to bring this jovial atmosphere that seems to bring people together, into the average home. The technology is so jaw-dropping and noteworthy that your friends wouldn’t even notice that they were not at the theater. In fact, they may even like it better.

The Wall by Samsung

With the help of Samsung, you are going to feel like you are sitting front row at the movies all the time. They have designed a new TV called “The Wall” and it’s the first ever Modular MicroLED TV, which gives a clearer and brighter image. It uses numerous panels which connect and make up the colossal single TV screen. These panels are a little over the size of a large cell phone and allow the TV to be expanded and minimized to fit a particular room or a specific occasion. First launched in 2018, this TV 4K screen size is 219-inches, which is more than an astounding 18 feet wide. If that size is too big for your home, they do have a modest 75-inch version available. It also is much more energy efficient than current TVs. When the TV is switched off, you have the option of displaying a portrait to add to the decor, instead of having a huge black screen taking up an entire wall of your home. The feature alone makes this TV blend into the average home than current TVs. 

Signature OLED TV R9 by LG

Now this TV is certainly in a class of its own. In 2018, LG designed a roll-up TV has a flexible screen that is engineered to store away in a compact tube whenever the device is not being used. It has many options once the screen is expanded. You can open it to full view and watch TV on a gorgeous 4k display, or use the screen to showcase art to blend in with any home. Line view unrolls to about 1/3 of the screen size and allows for you to play relaxing music, view a large digital clock, and much more. You can also leave the TV completely tucked away, leaving only the sleek box on your TV stand. For whichever view you chose, this TV certainly leaves an impression on anyone that visits your home.

Signature OLED TV W by LG

With both a screen that is only 2.57, LG is certainly making history by designing the thinnest TV in the world with superior performance. The screen is made of a semi-flexible transparent glass that is thinner than an iPhone and closer to the thickness of two coins. It cannot stand up on its own because of its design and should remain mounted on a wall at all times to avoid damage. Some have described this as like watching TV from a thin poster on the wall. The TV also has a cable that must be connected to a soundbar, also known as the W-station. This powers the TV and provides the audio for viewers. All of the standard HDMI, USB, etc. devices can connect to this TV. Overall, it is absolutely amazing and can provide cinema-quality entertainment in the home. 



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